Our Brand

So you’re new to the ProShot brand? You can trust us to produce high quality products, at a price you can afford. 

A Quality Product Range

Manufactured to exacting standards in safe working environments, each ProShot product is the result of expert design, high quality materials, and top performing machinery. Having passed through rigorous testing processes and long periods of development, ProShot products are guaranteed to be of the highest standard and unbeatable value.

Quality control is a high priority for us, and meticulous care is taken by our experienced engineers to craft each piece of equipment to the very highest standard.

Innovation and Standards

New ProShot products are being developed all the time, so keep a lookout for some exciting additions to our range. Many of our products and components are manufactured at our electro-mechanical engineering company based in the UK, and our chemicals are blended by one of the largest independent manufacturers of automobile lubricants and chemicals, also in the UK.

We believe that reliability is key to a good product, and so we make every effort to ensure exceptional quality, by using only products and equipment from suppliers who are ISO registered.

We want people to enjoy a superb product, so we are committed to providing training for our official distributors, in order that they can pass on our own knowledge and expertise to the end user.

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